The AG Design Group is an international consortium head-quartered in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. It was established in 1999.

Our group is a concern with multifaceted scope, with modern printing, cutting and packaging technology available for editing, development, realisation and marketing departments. We cover the entire production cycle from the concept to post production, packaging and dispatch of the product to any worldwide destination. We have the best price to quality ratio.

Our main focus is production of B2C (Business to consumer) products for end users under our own AG Design brand. We also have bespoke B2B (business to business) production for other firms, organisations and private individuals.

B2C (Business-to-Consumer) end user production under the AG design trading name includes: creation of unique washable wallpaper murals, washable posters of large and extra large formats, adhesive decorative stickers, decorative self adhesive jewels, wall and ceiling claddings, and other designer goods for residential, office, corporate and working interiors. The PRODUCTION section of AG Design group gives an overview of our complete product range and specifications.

Bespoke B2B (business to business) production includes development, preparation of proof samples and subsequent  manufacture of goods. We offer a wide range of decorative products for living or working interiors, production of washable wallpaper murals, posters of any size, decorative stickers on a per order basis, high quality advertising production, special effects (such as flock, metal ink, uv lacquer, glitter, etc.) for customising pre-made goods, car products, large format high quality prints on free standing supports, offset print on absorbant or non-absorbant materials and much more, based on the order and technical documentation of the customer. For detailed information on the complete range of services provided by the AG design group please refer to our SERVICES section.

Ultramodern equipment, perfected by our group and unique technology developed by our experts lets us manufacture from one piece to up to 5000 pieces per hour. Our entire production is certified. Our modern inventory application allows us to monitor all requirements in so far as the amount, variety and delivery of goods made for our customers is concerned.

During our company’s lifetime no small number of commercial, governmental and corporate clients have come to us. Among others, we have fulfilled orders (and continue to do so, as return customers) for the Senate of the Czech republic; the Professional Army of the Czech Republic, the Police of the Czech republic, the Czech Military police, the Evangelical church, RASCH, Konrad Hornschuch GmbH, Hornschuch CZ, Baumax, McDonalds, Rinder, Grand Optica, Seat, BM Moto and many more – sorry if we have not included you!

Our products can be found for sale in OBI, TESCO, Globus Baumarkt, Hornbach, Bauhaus and similar chains.

If you would like to know more about the possibilities of collaboration with our group, please refer to the section on COOPERATION.


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